About us

We believe

blockchain technology

will change the world

And will find way

to figure it out

We are one of the leading crypto-asset analysts and ICO investment expert group in South Korea guiding way of crypto-asset investment.

Our mission is to analyze ICO projects and find intrinsic value to enable investors achieve their financial goals. We take a detached view on every project we analyzing, so that we could give objective and unbiased information for our readers.

We will contribute to creating sound and balanced block-chain and ICO investment environment.


CEO / Analyst

Former Secretary of National Assembly members.


Crypto Enthusiast.

ICO Analyst.

He has worked at National Assembly and Global top tier company like Hyundai Heavy Industry, Samsung Tesco, KT etc many years. Now he is an Crypto-Analyst, He research in ICOs which are based-on blockchain technology. With 50+ ICO project analysis, He has made successful ICO investment.

Cris You

Co-founder / Advisor

Cris has an ability to organize and incentivize team for project goals. As a veteran entrepreneur, he has successfully managed various businesses in Russia and the CIS region for 20 years.

Nanyi Yan 

Greater China Region

Yan is specialized in Chinese cryptocurrency market. He communicate with directly dev team focusing on how blockchain operated and market possibility. As a Chinese market specialist, he has served as a Chinese-South Korean crypto-intermediary. 
Now, He is establishing a wide range of contacts with Chinese government agencies and numerous block-chain projects, conducting analysis and addressing sensitive market information.

David kim

Senior Tech lead

As a veteran developer, He has experienced in IT field. . Block-chain source code . Android/iOS app . Machine Learning, Speech Recognition. Web searching engine(crawler)... etc He has a variety of technological back ground in blockchain field. He is responsible for validating blockchain source code on github.

Dong Hyun Kim

He is one of those who is sure the block chain will change the future.
He invests directly in high-quality ICO and is trying to get the eye out of many ICO's to find the gemstone.

He has now been in the banking business for nearly a decade.

Senior Researcher

Ji Kyung Kim

Senior Researcher

Jikyung is a blockchain enthusiast.

She was responsible for managing a commercial brand and market development.

She started analyzing ICOs for wise investments in the crypto industry and wants to help people identify valuable and high quality crypto currencies to invest among many poor blockchain projects

Daniel Sun


Daniel is a blockchain investor.
He's been investing and analyzing various ICO's since 2017.
Through market analysis, He have worked to find and introduce ICO which has intrinsic value. 
Offer a good investment in the cryptocurrency market